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Before the end of 2017 I squeezed in one last trip to Brooklyn and while there I was lucky to find that the Glossier You Concept Store was still open in NYC through December 31st. Despite the snowy weather, and how I really didn't want to leave my bed, I made the trek out to Soho to experience Glossier You before it closed up for good.

Located directly next to the Glossier Showroom, it was hard to miss with it's facade painted candy apple red paired with red tinted windows adding to the mystery as it obscured what was going on inside. I fully anticipated there to be a lot of people, given that it was midday on a Saturday and that it was it's final few days open, but was happy to find that it was a slower day - I'm assuming due to the weather. I was especially grateful for this, given that only 20 people at a time were allowed in and I definitely didn't want to be stuck outside waiting in the freezing snow. 

Glossier's founder, Emily Weiss described the pop up shop as an interactive space allowing fans of the brand to experience the perfume in a "totally weird and unexpectedly luxurious way". Emily explained she was inspired by: "Theater, performance art, and magic shows when concepting the space." It definitely was a weird, yet cool experience. When I entered the shop I was greeted by one of the beautiful actors dressed in a head to toe red suit. The interaction is set up almost like a private event. I was greeted - "Hello darling.... are you here to see me?" - asked for my name to check off a "list" and then I was given a pink ribbon tied delicately around my wrist to which I was told "You'll need this for later lovely."   

The shop itself is absolutely gorgeous, I described it as if Horne's Fragrance Department moved into The Black Lodge (a Twin Peaks reference in case you're scratching your head).  After walking in the cold, entering Glossier You felt like being wrapped in your favorite blanket: warm, low-lit, and made up of red and soft pink - matching the perfume bottle/packaging. With mirrors everywhere and plush cushions with red velvet it gave an almost boudoir feel. Gentle music played over the hush whispers of curious attendees and the actors.

After browsing the store for a bit and making my way to the back I was guided into one of the "testing rooms" and instructed to "Press the red button when you're ready, darling" as the actor closed the door behind me.

The testing room felt a bit like a small dressing room but covered in mirrors, in the center was a small red button next to a closed "window". After spinning around like a fool for a few minutes I pressed the button and it slowly opened to reveal a gloved hand that reach through motioning to lean in and sprayed me with the fragrance. After waving and a few flourish of the hand it was gone, the window closed, leaving you once again alone in the mirrored testing room, free to leave whenever you wanted.

Once you exited you had the option to purchase the perfume or you could continue to browse, take photos, and hang out to your heart's content. I already had purchase the perfume weeks prior so I did not buy it again, but it genuinely is one of my favorite scents - and one I get the most complements from.

Made up of primarily base scents, Emily describes it as more of a "skin enhancer" than a perfume. Ambrette, ambrox, and musk make up the base notes, and iris root & pink pepper make up the top notes. The result is a creamy, warm, scent that doesn't feel as if you a wearing a perfume at all. It lasts and lingers for ages without losing power and feels so effortless. It also comes with a cheeky little warning: *please be advised that the formula comes incomplete; You are the first ingredient*.

I highly recommend this perfume if you want something that you can wear daily that is feminine but not overpowering, and are on a budget - at $60 for a bottle you really can't beat it. And while the Glossier You experience is now over and done, the showroom is still open - which is also a beaut.

I can't wait to see what other products and concepts Emily Weiss comes up with next! 

The Glossier You is now close but consider checking their penthouse showroom on:
123 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10013
Mon - Fri: 12pm to 8pm
Sat - Sun: 11am to 7pm

Unsure where to start/what to buy? Here are a few of my favorite products by them: Milky Jelly Cleanser, Balm Dotcom, Boy Brow, Cloud Paint, Lip Gloss, & Haloscope

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