Live Your Life Lady

12:00 PM

Years past I have been suckered into feeling that I should at least try to make New Year’s Resolutions, knowing fully well that I would immediately forget about them after sharing them. This year I decided I wasn’t making, or even pretending, to make any. Instead I’ve been reflecting on the past year and the things I’ve felt the most proud of, happy about, and how I want to continue to grow into a better person.

Last year I started it feeling quite unsure of myself, and the people in my life. One major thing I learned this past year is to accept that sometimes things run their course. Friendships only work if you give as much as you take and I found myself wearing thin or flat out being forgotten. You don’t need to take it personally (though I can promise you I did - which was insanely unhealthy). Sometimes it just is what it is.

From that I felt a pivot towards stopping feeling as if I constantly needed to impress everyone – especially those who don’t care or who are not genuine. I am someone who desperately wants to be liked by everyone. But I found that 1. Not everyone is going to like you and 2. You’re not going to like everyone – and that’s okay. What should be your priority, is maintaining the friendships that matter. To focus on the people in your life that are receptive, who love, respect you and build you up.

I do feel like I have found a solid group of friends that make me incredibly happy. I love that we can drink cheap wine flights in our favorite wine store while cracking each other up, or eat Chinese while watching The Spirit of Christmas (highly recommend) and drag queens, that we can have pot lucks where we watch Charli XCX’s Boys video over and over again, that we can go extended lengths of time without seeing each other but when we do, things pick up right where they left off. The people I surround myself with are positive, passionate and excited about life.

Towards the end of 2017 I did things I normally wouldn’t do. I fear rejection, but I’m working at being bolder, and not assuming the worst-case scenario before anything has happened. I traveled a lot, sometimes alone and sometime with others. I realized how incredibly important it is to be inclusive rather than exclusive. I’m not a fan of the clique or “squad” trend that has been popularized. I am a huge supporter of “the more the merrier”. I think it’s essential to have a supportive group of girl friends, but I don’t believe you need to advertise group hang outs or “collect” friends.

Stumbling upon that graffiti pictured above in New York City at the end of 2017 felt rather serendipitous. What I am looking forward to most in 2018 is living life for myself. To do things that enrich my life. I want it to be full of new adventures with the people I love and care about (more Brooklyn, Dollywood, and road trips), lots of books (2018 marks 2 years of Book Club), lots of love (I’m attending two weddings this year), continuing to praise community over competition by supporting local things/people/places, and riding my life of things I don’t need. 

Blog wise, hopefully this means more "personal" posts with different events, moments, etc. in my life. I want to work at being less camera shy, or embarrassed about asking someone to take my photo. I've been converting all my beauty/skincare/etc. over to cruelty free so keep an eye out for a post about that! I'm also revamping my wardrobe to be filled with a good foundation of pieces I can mix and match while learning what my personal style is. And obviously, I'll also be sharing anything I come across throughout my journeys in Baltimore and beyond.


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