Catbird Forever Bracelet

9:47 AM

I got zapped! I harp on and on about how much I love Catbird to anyone who will listen. And for many reasons! I love that they are women owned, that they use recycled gold and other metals, that their diamonds are conflict free, and that everything is incredibly timeless - not trendy. I have a couple Catbird pieces - a classic hammered ring, and a silver Kitten Mitten which I wear frequently.

I had been eyeing a Sweet Nothing bracelet for a while now but am genuinely terrified of losing "expensive" jewelry. The Kitten Mitten is pretty secure in that it essentially wraps around your hand but every time I wear my hammered ring I worry it'll slip off.  So I sort of teetered back and forth between buying it or not.

Enter in the Welding Annex. Housed in the space of their former Wedding Annex, the Welding Annex features Catbird jewelers on-site, there to weld a Sweet Nothing Bracelet onto you, forever! A Forever Sweet Nothing Bracelet  is their original Sweet Nothing Bracelet, just without the clasp. It's 14k Gold and is shiny, dainty, and oh so sparkly. The great thing is that since it is welded on you, you can decide how tight or loose you would like the bracelet to be. No fear of it slipping off or the clasp coming undone!

I was immediately interested in getting "zapped" but I'm sure you, like I, had a few concerns about having a bracelet permanently welded on my wrist. So I did some research.

1. What does this mean for airport security/metal detectors?  
Fortunately security metal detectors, detect for magnetic metals. Gold, silver, and platinum are not magnetic, therefore they can be worn through them! Costume jewelry is more likely to set off a metal detector because it is made with magnetic metals like steel, nickel, iron, etc. 

2. What about X-ray/MRIs/CAT Scans/etc.?
While most doctors advise against wearing jewelry, with radiology scans (like metal detectors) wearing jewelry is only a problem if they are magnetic. Wearing gold, silver, or platinum jewelry could block the view of the area that it is being worn during your scan, as metal is more dense than blood, cartilage, organs, etc. but they are TECHNICALLY safe to wear during these types of scans.

3. What if I decide I don't want to wear it anymore?  
Though it's advertised as "forever" and "permanent" the only difference between the original the welded on bracelet is the lack of a clasp. It can simply be cut off with scissors. If you bring the removed bracelet back to the Catbird Welding Annex, they will re-weld it on you should you decide that you want your forever bracelet back on!

I love my Forever Sweet Nothing Bracelet. It's light and fits so perfectly that I often forget about it until I look at my wrist. 

If you're interested a few things to keep in mind: the Welding Annex is only open Fridays and Saturdays. The zapping itself took maybe less than a minute, but when I went there were at least 5-6 girls ahead of me, so expect to wait. They only accept credit cards, payment is taken on the spot prior to getting your bracelet for $94+ tax and all sales are final. 

(P.S. They are also doing Forever Anklets now as well!) 

Catbird Welding Annex
540 Driggs Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Friday: 2-7
Saturday: 12-5


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