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I got my first tattoo in Brooklyn about a month ago! You've actually seen a glimpse of it in my last post. I was very nervous, excited, and nearly passed out (more on that later...) but I did it! I had wanted a tattoo for a long time but I had a lot of fears. Would I like it? Would it hurt? Would I cry and not be able to go through with it? As someone who has a huge fear of needles these were rational and very real questions in my mind.

While I have always wanted a bee tattoo, I decided to play it safe and for my first go with something small and "harmless" enough to where if I grew out of it or decided tattoos weren't for me I wouldn't be miserable. What I settled on was the astrological symbol for the planet Saturn. This had a couple of meanings for me. In astrology Saturn represents a variety of things: discipline, fears, challenges, and hard work. Sometimes I feel like I get too comfortable with the repetitive nature of my life so I felt like wearing the symbol of Saturn would be a good reminder to challenge myself and to conquer my fears. In Roman Mythology, Saturn was the god of well a lot, but what stood out to me was renewal and liberation. During his reign there was peace and prosperity. And lastly, and probably most importantly, Sailor Saturn from the Sailor Moon series was always my favorite Sailor Scout. I was around the same age as Hotaru Tomoe when I began reading the manga. I loved that she was one of the youngest scouts but also the most powerful; able to destroy a planet or entire star system and reset its evolution. Obviously, this came at a cost as she would sacrifice herself to do so. Not only a tribute to her, my tattoo would represent (for me at least) that with death, comes rebirth. 

Brooklyn has recently built a place in my heart as I continue to explore it on nearly a monthly basis and many of my friends that are near and dear to me live there. When I stumbled upon Nice Tattoo (A Tattoo Parlor Where Everybody Is Nice To You) (after a photo of it's store front showed up on my Instagram explore) I did a bit of research and knew this was where I wanted to get my first tattoo.

For starters, a tattoo parlor where everybody is nice to you is EXACTLY the kind of place I need. After settling on a small line tattoo I was worried that an artist would scoff at the idea and I felt bad about wasting their talents on something so minimal. Looking through their website and viewing some of their artists' work I found that there were a ton of examples of line tattoos similar to what I wanted. Something delicate, simple, and timeless. I also love that it is woman owned and employs only women artists. Impulsively I made an appointment.

The space itself is so lovely, it feels like you're entering the home of a friend and not a tattoo parlor. Full of natural light, a cozy green sofa is on one side, with a sweet baby blue vintage fridge, art, and other knick-knacks decorating the space. The parlor itself is teeny tiny, which was great for me because it felt far less intimidating. My artist, Nas, was insanely sweet and worked with me to get the design I wanted the exact size and shape. The tattooing itself, wasn't as bad as I thought! It obviously wasn't... painless... but it wasn't exactly painful? It was more so uncomfortable with a bit of scratching/burning. Getting my tattoo took maybe less than 10 minutes but me being excited and anxious I held my breath the whole time and when I stood up got very dizzy. (Don't be like me... breathe, drink water, and if you're feeling warm ask for a fan.) Nas was a pro though, she got me some chocolate, cool air and with a little bit of water I was fine.

I highly, highly recommend Nice Tattoo if you're in the Brooklyn area. I had such a wonderful experience and am already thinking about a second tattoo - perhaps the bee I've been dreaming about.

Nice Tattoo Parlor
493 Court St
Brooklyn NY 11231
Open daily 12PM to 6PM
Make your appointment here! 

**UPDATE 4/4/2019: When catching up on Jezebel I recently read this article which discussed if Nice Tattoo is in fact woman owned (ironically, my post was linked in it). To the best of my knowledge I am positive that I read on their website or elsewhere that this was a woman owned tattoo parlor (one of the major reasons I chose Nice Tattoo as I wanted to support a woman owned business) but it appears that they have quietly changed their FAQs to indicate that they are not a woman owned business. I still enjoyed my experience there and am extremely pleased with my tattoo but I wanted to update this post in case anyone is specifically searching for a woman owned parlor.

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