Terrain Garden Cafe & Store

12:00 PM

I saw heaven once, and it was the Terrain Garden Cafe and Store in Glen Mills, PA. A few friends of mine, Jessica (check out her flower garden Bloomhouse!) and Annie (she makes amazing ceramics under Ann Margaret Ceramics - I own the evil eye ring dish and am constantly eyeing other pieces) went to Terrain a while back and after seeing the photos and videos they shared I knew I wanted to go. I reached out to my best friend, Cait, who lived near-ish and asked if she wanted to join me. Unfortunately the weather was pretty rotten the day we went so I didn't get the opportunity to explore the grounds as much as I would have liked (solo trip soon!) but what I did get to see solidified that it's somewhere I would make multiple trips to in the future. 

Let me start with the restaurant. Terrain's Garden Cafe is hidden right in the center of their nursery. Housed in a greenhouse it's ultra dreamy. The restaurant is regionally influenced, with rotating seasonal menus gathered from local farmers. Everything about it is incredibly charming, starting with the fantastic homemade bread served in... a flowerpot! I can't confirm that this item will ALWAYS be on the menu - again seasonal menus! - but my friend and I split the ricotta and corn fritters with maple brown butter (a yes) and I had the Fried Cauliflower Sandwich with frisee, caper parsley mayo, Parmesan on a brioche bun (hell yes). I also had one of their "spritzer" drinks. You can mix and match flavors so I went with Blackberry and Rose - it was heavenly. I honestly cannot recommend the restaurant enough.

The store, is like an Anthropologie of sorts, but just for plants or plant related items. I gravitated towards the honey and bee themed section as 1. I love bees and 2. I'm taking my first beekeeping class in November! But if plants aren't exactly your thing there was plenty of home goods, and a few beauty products. I honestly could have spent hours in there.

Again, I didn't get to explore the nursery as much as I wanted but it was fully stocked with beautiful plants and greenery. If you're feeling adventurous I highly recommend taking the trip up to Glen Mills and seeing Terrain for yourself. It's truly magical.

Terrain Garden Cafe & Store
914 Baltimore Pike
Glen Mills, PA 19342
Mon-Tues: 10am to 3pm 
Wed- Sun: 10am to 3pm, 5pm to 9pm 


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