Kin Ship & Base Camp

12:27 PM

I took a spur of the moment trip to West Virginia last week simply because... well why not? I live fairly close to West Virginia and never have truly explored it and saw no reason I shouldn't. I didn't have much of a plan other than that I was staying in Charleston (yes, there is a Charleston in WV!) and took with me a list of a handful of things I wanted to see and do to be found in a few different towns. I hit a bit of a snag when I found out that my phone provider doesn't like WV and I had no phone service! But luckily my AirBnb had fantastic WiFi so I was able to offline download the whole map of West Virginia to make sure I didn't get lost.

One thing that was not on the list was something I happened to stumbled upon while I was looking for Void Coffee in downtown Charleston (which was... unfortunately closed). This was lucky for me because I got to experience the Kin Ship Goods brick and mortar store along with Base Camp Printing Co. right next door. I hadn't heard of either Kin Ship or Base Camp prior to my discovery but am now a HUGE fan. Kin Ship, designed by Dan Davis and Hillary Harrison, make apparel, accessories and other goods that are inspired by: starry nights, peeling paint, vintage keepsakes, imperfections, labors of love, and early mornings. Which is right up my alley.

The store itself is such a little jewel box, with twinkling lights, greenery, beautiful exposed brick and decor fitting for the mountain area. I loved the fitting room "wallpaper" (see above). And there was also a little photobooth you could take photos in and either send to yourself or have printed for a few dollars. Really kicking myself for not jumping on that opportunity. There were so many things I wanted (and still want!) but I ended up purchasing for myself this Keep Up The Fight tee and this Forever Worried Club tee. But I do have quite the shopping list of things to buy with a future paycheck online. All of their apparel are INSANELY soft, like want to wear forever and ever soft.

If you peak through that window in the photo above you can see Base Camp's small shop. They strive to keep letterpress alive in West Virginia by keeping their process identical to print shops of the past when cast-iron printing was considered "state of the art" technology. Sisters Emily and Betsy create each original hand pressed print in their shop. Many of their prints are West Virginian themed and use typography. They also sell other small goods (key rings, coasters, etc.) featuring a few "smaller" simplified versions of their bigger prints. I debated between a few but went with this lovely sky blue print.

While both have online shops if you are able to visit them in person I HIGHLY recommend you do so. It's such a treat. Support their stores and stay cozy!

Kin Ship Goods + Base Camp Printing Co
613 Tennessee Ave
Charleston, WV 25302
(Kin Ship) Mon-Sat : 11am-7pm
(Base Camp) Wed - Sat: 11am-7pm and Mon + Tues by Appt. 


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