The * New * Glossier Showroom

12:00 PM

I was back up in my what feels like second home of Brooklyn during the Thanksgiving long weekend and naturally had to swing by the Glossier showroom to check out their new digs. Filled with confidence and fully relaxed thanks to a CBD Chai Latte from Patent Coffee I made my way to Soho to brave Black Friday and stand in a (short) line all for the love of Glossier.

If you have been to the original Glossier showroom you may already know that it was teeny-tiny. With the explosion of popularity that Glossier has had lately whenever I would go to NY it seemed impossible to get into the showroom - wait times were long, lines would wrap around the building and it was hard to actually see or interact with anything being shoulder to shoulder with other shoppers. The new space is just as dreamy but much more roomy without losing it's charm.

I mean... come on what an entrance! The best part is that there are a lot more "stations" of their products meaning you don't awkwardly have to hang behind someone waiting for them to move or reach over them to figure out what shade of Skin Tint you should buy. The extra large washing station lets you play with products without the same issues aforementioned. And of course, there are plenty of photo opts throughout - most notably a separate room full of mirrors and human sized Boy Brows.

I didn't need it but I was ultra curious about the reformulation of their Gen G lipstick (and the 20% off for Black Friday helped) so I bought the shade Like as well as a new Boy Brow in Black. As discussed at length with my friend Meg: whoever can get these on in one swipe must have BDE (Big Dick Energy) because I can't for the life of me get any bit of color to show in one swipe. The packaging is a HUGE improvement over the original and the formula feels much nicer on my lips. Though initially disappointed after a few days of wear I'm actually quite fond of Like. It adds a nice perk of color to my lips and I like the way that it appears far more stain-like and natural than it's predecessor. I'm interested in picking up the shade Zip (my favorite) to see how it compares with the original since I heard there is some slight shade differences.


Is it worth seeing? Of course it is! Even if you're not a fan it's worth it for the oodles of photo worthy rooms. And if you've never heard of Glossier some of my favorite products are: Milky Jelly Cleanser, Boy Brow, Moisturizing Moon Mask, and Balm Dotcom.

Glossier NYC Showroom
123 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10013
Mon-Sat: 11AM to 9PM
Sunday: 11AM to 8PM


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