A Few Mahattan Things

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Every time I head up to New York I tend to avoid Manhattan. I feel like I've become one of those people that refuse to go to "the city" even though I don't live in NY at all. Manhattan is so BUSY and touristy that I'm sort of over it. I have much more fun exploring Brooklyn, plus all of my friends live there. However, when I went to NY back in November (god it feels so long ago...) I did spend a whole day in Manhattan seeing some new things that I hadn't before. I made sure to get up EXTRA early so that I could avoid crowds. Here's a couple things you may want to check out if you're looking for something ~*new*~ to do in Manhattan.

The Frick Collection
1 E. 70th Street
Monday: Closed / Tuesday - Saturday: 10am - 6pm / Sunday: 11am - 5pm

It's not exactly a "secret" of NY but it might as well be! Ironically I was talking to some older gentlemen at a pub the night before I went, both who grew up in Brooklyn, and neither of them had heard of it. So I feel like it makes the cut. It doesn't have quite the notoriety of the MoMA or The Met, and it's much smaller than either of them but it is beautiful. And much less busy! Housed in the former mansion of Henry Clay Frick it features distinguished Old Master paintings, European sculptures, and decorative arts. The $22 for admission may raise your eyebrows, but I think worth it if you're an art fan. Sort of unrelated but don't be like me and get chided for taking photos. The only room you can take photos in is the Garden Court (above). Whoops!

Albertine Bookshop
972 5th Ave
 Monday - Saturday: 11am - 7pm / Sunday: 11am - 6pm

If you do go to The Frick Collection make sure to swing by Albertine after, it's only a few blocks up! It's a gorgeous, tiny bookshop that sells primarily French language books (though there are some English offerings!) Make sure to head up to the second flour to see the beautiful constellation art on the ceiling. I bought a delightful anthology of French Surrealist writing from here so you'll never know what you may find! (I also highly recommend checking out Blue Stockings down in the Lower East Side. It's a fantastic volunteer based, LGBTQ friendly bookstore. They have an AMAZING selection of books.)

Patent Coffee
49 W 27th St
 Monday - Friday: 7:30am - 4pm / Saturday: 9am - 4pm / Sunday: 9am - 3pm

If you take the bus into NYC (like I often do) or if the train to Penn Station this little coffee shop is a god send. A perfect shop to get away from all the chain coffee spots that litter Manhattan. The tiny space features plenty of coffee drink options (and tea) along with pastries and another small treats. I love their Chai Tea Latte with CBD Oil. Yes, you can get any drink with the addition of CBD Oil for $2. It's fantastic. (Also if you swing by after hours you can find a speakeasy called Patent Pending behind the menu board.)

Le Labo
233 Elizabeth St
Everyday: 11am - 7pm

Le Labo isn't exactly a secret but it is such a dreamy spot. If you're sensitive to smells you may want to steer clear as it is pretty strong in there. But I love to surround myself in all their beautiful perfumes. It is rather pricey, but try to always pick up a bottle of their Basil/Sesame Shower Gel which was introduced to me by my friend Abbey. It smells AMAZING and is absolutely worth the money in my option. It's a nice bougie treat.

Keep your eye out for another LES gem that was shared to me by another friend of mine in the form of a speakeasy tea house.


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