New Year Goals

10:12 AM

Wow, it has been so dead over here. I never intended to let this space sit empty for so long but once December rolled in life got so busy that everything other than Holiday shopping, parties, events was placed on the back burner. (I even failed to read the December book club book which in the three years of book club is something I have NEVER done.) Naturally my 2019 New Year Goals are late as well, but better late than never! 2018 had a lot of ups and downs for me. I wouldn't say it was my "worst year ever" as people tend to do when the year comes to a close but I also wouldn't say it was my best year ever. I do think I learned a lot about myself as person and what I am looking for in my life as I inch closer and closer to 30. After some reflection here are some goals I'm setting for myself in 2019.

  • Journal Daily - This was inspired by my friend Emily who practices regular journaling. I'm hoping to write something each day whether it be something that made me happy, that I was grateful for, or simply an observation I made that day. I don't have any set guidelines on how much to write, I'm more interested in getting my thoughts, feelings, or memories down on paper.
  • Travel More - I tend to visit many of the same places over and over again - Brooklyn, D.C. are repeat offenders. I'm hoping for 2019 to travel to new places and experience more of America. I'm heading to Portland, OR with my friend Cassie in April which I'm extremely excited about. A few other places I'd like to check out are Richmond, VA, Pittsburgh, PA, more of WV, and New England. 
  • Spend Less/Shop Consciously - I feel like this might be something I say is a goal every year but 2018 in particular was bad for me shopping wise. I went through a few bouts of depression that I used spending money as a way to cope with. It obviously was unhealthy mentally but also horrible for my bank account. For 2019 I'm looking to spend less on things I do not need but also to spend more consciously. Investing in things that will last other than buying something cheap just for the thrill of buying.
  • Say No More - I absolutely hate upsetting people and so I usually end up burning myself out by saying yes to everything. I'm definitely working on being better at understanding my social interaction limits and knowing that true friends will not get upset if I say no every once in a while!  Plus as much of a social butterfly I can be, I do enjoy a nice day at home just catching up on podcasts or reading a good book.
And that's it! Here's to making 2019 as positive and bright as possible! 


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