Janam Tea

11:11 AM

I'm not a fan of coffee - no matter how hard I try - and much prefer to grab a cup of tea in the AM to keep me caffeinated. When I went up to New York in November I did the usual reaching out to friends to see if they would be around and my friend Melissa proposed checking out this speakeasy styled tea room in the Lower East Side with her which I was immediately on board with.

Janam Tea can be found above The Burgary. When making my way there I was a bit confused on how to actually.... get into Janam however a quick Google told me to head into The Burgary and let the bartender know you're there for afternoon tea. A pro-tip if you plan to check it out - which I highly encourage you to do so - so that you don't look like me wandering up and down the block with a confused look on your face.

When it's your reservation time, Amy Dublin will escort you up a tiny staircase into the magical room shown above. She makes nearly everything herself, from the cakes and sandwiches. We had amazing jams and marmalade made from a friend of hers (you can check them out here).

Amy is incredibly attentive and tailors the tea to your tastes. Melissa and I had pot after pot of black tea all of which Amy informed us because of all her teas being single-origin Indian Teas we would never get to experience them again. Which is tragic because I had some of my favorite teas that day. I also loved that they encourage a "digital detox" asking that we keep our phones away (unless we wanted to take a quick photo) and enjoy the company around us. I couldn't  believe how fast time flew as Melissa and I gabbed, drank tea, and at the most delicious savory and sweet snacks.

You must make reservations to go, but it's completely worth the experience! I highly, highly recommend visiting!

Janam Tea @ Garfunkel's
67 Clinton St (Enter Through The Burgary)
2nd Floor
New York, NY 10002
Wednesday - Sunday: 12pm - 5pm with last seating at 3.15pm


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