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My friend Cassie and I went out to Portland in April (both our first times!) to see what the fuss was about in this Pacific North West city. We both had the most amazing time and barely made a dent in what's to do and see. However I'm definitely planning another trip out there in the future to catch everything I missed. Here are few highlights and recommendation if you have a trip out to PDX in the future!

After traveling for about 6 hours we were starving, luckily Guero was near our Airbnb so we popped in to relax and fill our bellies. It was my first time having a torta and man... I wish I could get this torta every day. It was a no fuss kind of place with food quickly brought out to you and yummy margaritas. I'm desperately hunting for a place that serves tortas that are as good near me.

Our last meal in Portland was at Pok Pok which served Thai food. Cassie had just recently went to Thailand and could verify the authenticity of this spot. It was AMAZING. We lucked out and the weather was nice enough that we could eat outside. The portions are massive (it is meant to be enjoyed family style) so come hungry. I highly recommend the Khao Soi Kai, it was so tasty I think about it regularly.

Other places we ate at worth mentioning: Sizzle Pie for pizza, Bollywood Theater for Indian, & Departure for Asian.


Naturally I would find the one bar in Portland, Pink Rabbit, that is very clearly The National inspired. The name alone comes from their song Pink Rabbits, and the drinks are all words or lines pulled from their songs. The drinks are tasty, the atmosphere is cool, and if you're a fan of The National you can check out the rabbit painting provided by Matt Berninger himself. Get the Television Version, you will not be disappointed.

Also makes a great brunch spot, Hey Love, had the tiki drinks and vibe of my dreams. Get the Paradise Found or one of their fun slushees while admiring all their plants, tropical art, and disco ball. I'm still thinking about their potatoes.

If you can get in, make a point to go to the Multnomah Whiskey Library. Cassie and my friend Mike were a little skeptical about the nearly 3 hour wait but once we got in they were convinced it was worth it. Not only is it super low key, they only let in as many people as they can seat so it's never ultra crowded or loud, but you get your own personal bartender. With  over 1,500 spirits you'll definitely find something you like.

Other places worth grabbing a drink at: Angel Face, Ground Kontrol, and No Bones Beach Club.


Cassie and I did the bulk of our shopping on Mississippi Avenue. We popped into many shops but my two favorites were Flutter and Another Read Through. However we also checked out Made Here PDX, Worn Path, Zahara Boutique, Land Gallery and more. There's a ton to see to anticipate spending a good chunk of time there!

Odds and Ends:

In Portland we checked out both the Portland Japanese Gardens and the Lan Su Chinese Gardens. Both are beautiful but the Japanese Gardens are much larger. However, if you want a traditional Chinese tea experience you can pop into Tao of Tea found inside of Lan Su Chinese Gardens.

If you have a vehicle definitely head to the coast to see Cannon Beach and hike along the beaches. Oswald West State Park had an easy and rewarding trail that ends right on the beach. We celebrated the end of our hike with a couple beers while watching the surfers catch waves.

And last but not least, obviously seeing the Multnomah Falls is a must.


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