A Few New Cruelty Free/Sustainable Beauty Products

12:00 PM

I'm not going to lie, the products I'm about to share with you aren't ultra glamorous, but I've been attempting to work in sustainable beauty into my life as well as rounding out a last few cruelty free things I needed to convert over. Here's what I've been excited about and want to share if you're interested in cruelty free products, sustainable options or simply want to revamp your cabinets with some new goodies.

When I was in NY my good friend and super model Abbey recommended Megababe's Rosy Pits deodorant to me. I'm not even sure how the conversation came up, I was using Tom's which was... fine. I had no complaints and wasn't looking for a new deodorant. However, she raved about it and assured that despite the price, was worth the hype. I was a little worried. My past experiences with natural deodorant did not go well. I ended up with a severe rash due to baking soda in the formula which left me slightly terrified at trying again. However I was pleased to find out that Megababe's deodorants are baking soda free, so I bit the bullet.

A few things about switching from aluminum deodorant to aluminum free/natural deodorant:

  • Aluminum containing compounds found in deodorant act to stop or reduce perspiration. Ironically, this could make perspiration worst. Because antiperspirants work by closing up pores to prevent perspiration sweat will build up beneath the skin. With this comes a buildup of good bacteria that digests sweat making your sweat smell worse. Not only that but aluminum compounds can cause an acidic reaction to fabric which causes sweat stains on white t-shirts!
  • Keep in mind, there is a "detox" process where you'll more than likely sweat more and be smellier than usual for a few weeks. This time around mine wasn't as bad as my first switch over to a natural deodorant. As mentioned if you have any burning/redness/pain like I did stop using immediately! It's more than likely a reaction to baking soda. If you're worried, try a baking soda free version first.
  • Lastly, some diseases have been attributed to aluminum deodorants. Alzheimer's and Breast Cancers are two that have been linked to aluminum compounds. While this reason was not why I personally switched to a natural deodorant it is something worth researching and considering if you are concerned. 
Out of all the deodorants I've used in my life, drugstore/pricey/natural/etc, Megababe's has been the best. I've used it for nearly a month now and while I'm not 100% dry all the time I do find that I sweat much less than usual and am not as smelly, both great signs! It is more expensive than most deodorants out there but it feels like it will last quite a while.

Another rather mundane item but something I was pleased to finally find is a cruelty free toothpaste that I felt was not only effective but is sustainable! I'm loving Burt's Bees Extra White Zen Peppermint Toothpaste. Cruelty free toothpastes are pretty hard to find in drugstores, I went through what I could and was not satisfied until I hit Burt's Bees. It was important for me that my toothpaste tasted... minty. I know that's not an indicator on how effective it is but I like a strong minty taste! Toothpaste tubes are notoriously hard to recycle as they are made of multiple materials fused together. However, Burt's Bees has a take back program for their toothpaste tubes where they will send you a prepaid mailing label and you can send your tubes back to them to be recycled!

My last item are reusable cotton rounds. I recently realized how wasteful I was being by using one-time use cotton rounds. Some cotton rounds aren't even made from cotton but synthetic fibers meaning it cannot be composted and have longer decomposition times. Real 100% cotton is biodegradable but only after up to 5 months. I was going through at least 60 a month and honestly it left me feeling pretty rotten that something I could easily switch to reusable was building up in a dump. I bought these off Etsy from this seller but there are plenty of options if you want to poke around and find your fav. A couple tips:
  • Make sure to buy/use a lingerie bag to prevent fraying (or them getting lost in the waster/dryer!). I found mine for a couple bucks at Target. 
  • Wash your cotton rounds before using them.
  • Do NOT use dryer sheets when drying, that can cause them to not be as effective.
    I don't wear too much make up so usually a good wash is all I need to get everything off. It's pretty rare that I use them to remove make up, but I do use these when applying toner! I have a nice apothecary jar where I keep my clean rounds and simply place the used one in the lingerie bag to dump in the wash the next time I am doing laundry.

    And that's it! Sorry this was insanely long, but hopefully helpful! I believe there is maybe one more thing I'm looking to switch over to a cruelty free option but I'm also now thinking about ways in which I can be less wasteful when it comes to my skincare/beauty/haircare. Any suggestions?


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