Birthday Wishlist

12:00 PM

I turn 30 this month which I'm still having a hard time believing. I'm pretty sure I mention this often but I'm not the biggest fan of my birthday and I hate receiving gifts or planning parties for myself so this year, even though it's sort of a "milestone" birthday I plan to keep it pretty low key. I've rounded up a quick birthday gift list of things I'm hoping to get for myself throughout the month. I've been trying to invest in things that I'll hold on for a long time, get a lot of use out of, and are well made - i.e. non trendy items. Here's what I've been eying!

  • While Glossier's You has been good to me I feel like everyone wears it! I want to find something a bit less used by everyone while still being affordable. Since I only buy cruelty free beauty products that definitely limits my pool of options but I adore the Antidris Cassis perfume by Masion Louis Marie. It's fresh, unique, and the perfect everyday fragrance. 
  • I've been trying to buy less dresses since I have so many tops I would like to wear at work... but only own jeans and casual Friday comes around once a week. I've been looking at more trousers and pants - especially ones I can wear in work and on the weekends. My friend Lauren encouraged me to try on the Emmett pants from Madewell which to be honest if she didn't, it would have never been something I'd give a go. I love the look and feel of them, how I can dress it up for work or down for the weekend and think this pair would be the perfect transition piece into Fall. 
  • I'm a big candle fan and have been splurging on more pricier ones. At first I thought a wick dipper and wick trimmer were just frivolous and unnecessary but now I realize the importance of candle care! I love this set by Sunday Forever which will not only make sure my candles burn nicely but the tools will look beautiful on my table.
  • About a year ago I bought a small crossbody bag from Old Navy which I loved and used frequently, but given that it was $10 it quickly fell apart. I have been eyeing the Waverley 2 convertible bag by Lo & Sons for a while now but really couldn't justify it until now. However, because it can be worn four different ways and is made of Nappa leather I imagine this will be the perfect timeless bag I can use over and over again. 
  • My beauty routine has become more and more fuss free. I especially love multi-use products. I'd love to scoop up the Ilia Color Haze in Before Today. It looks similar in consistency to Glossier's Cloud Paint. I've heard people using Cloud Paint on their lips and gave it a go but it's not exactly nourishing and dried mine out when I attempted. Ilia's can be used on lips, so it would be perfect to toss in my bag where I can use to touch up blush and lips. 
  • I'm a big big Catbird fan and tend to purchase more delicate rings than ornate ones - this means Catbird is my go to spot to buy well crafted rings. I have a couple Catbird pieces but I'd like to add another stacking ring to my collection. The Threadbare Ring is on the top of my list at the moment, how could it not be? Duchess Meghan Markle is a fan.
  • Lastly what would a Natalie birthday list be without a book on it? I suffer from a lot of anxiety and would love nothing more than to read this beautiful book about anxiety by Sarah Wilson.
And that's it! A rather practical list for this year's birthday! Filled with timeless pieces that I can hold on for years to come, and versatile items that I can get multi-uses out of.


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