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I've been mulling over what to make of this little space I have on the internet. Do I want to keep it strictly "business" only sharing people/places/things I like that I believe deserve a larger audience or do I want to get more ~*personal*~ and share my goings on or things I've bought that aren't exactly.... local/small business? I'm a rather private person when it comes to the internet. I don't tend to share much outside of a photo here or there with a lyric caption underneath it on my Instagram or if you follow my Twitter it's mostly what I'm eating and bee news. However, I've been re-examining the accounts or blogs I follow and why I like them. Mostly it's because I admire their honesty, their silliness, their wiliness to share when they've had a rotten day or when they've decided to say fuck it and buy $20 worth of Taco Bell. I feel as if I KNOW them without actually knowing them, or at least I feel as if I can relate to them even in the smallest way.

I'm going to try at least once a month to create a blog post that shares the random photos I take that don't really have a place anywhere else, the thoughts and feelings I have, the things I do out and about that maybe aren't worth mentioning in a full blog post but a worth a blurb. I think I'm aching to create the scrapbook feeling that I had back when I used Tumblr regularly when I started college over 10 years ago.

In big news, I did it, I got the Susan Alexandra bag!  I found her on sale through Shopbop and took it as fate given that I get an "extra" paycheck next month because we have 3 pay periods instead of the normal two. I immediately put it on my credit card to pay off when I get paid this week and am obsessed. I was initially worried about finding things to wear her with but now I just carry her whenever I want! I'm currently eying the Beatrix, Clem, or Parfait as my next Susan buy.

I mentioned it in my last post but it still stands true: I'm extremely excited for the start of Autumn. Stores are finally pulling out the Fall and Halloween decor and I have been staking out. I actually keep a lot of the "Halloween" decorations out year round. I try to find things that seamlessly blend in without being too holiday centric (in the top photo that white pumpkin bottom left & poison jug stay out year round. In the bottom photo the black sugar skull, black candle holder and "Midnight Magic" candle stay out year round too).

I recently found a few new things to add and all are from Target for $3! The two all black plants and the coffin candle are from Bullseye Playground (I bought three of the candles because it smells amazing and they went quick) and Pumpkin Succulent was from the Hyde & Eek Boutique (aka the Halloween section) - they also had a cute ghost and kitty! I also recently received this beautiful, sweet tote bag from Bramble Banking Co. I had my eye on it when Allie shared that they would be selling them at farmers markets around Baltimore but I ended up being out of town nearly every weekend. Luckily she was kind enough to send me one! Check them out.

I went to Philadelphia a few weeks back and was lucky enough to see Joanna Newsom perform on the first night of her first tour in four years. It's been a dream of mine to see her live but the opportunity eluded me until recently. I cried when I managed to nab two tickets. She was absolutely amazing, a real life angel, I sobbed when she played Baby Birch, listen to her if you haven't heard of her, she's perfection.

While in Philly I got to go to Market of the Macabre with my friends Lauren and Kyle, held at the Laurel Hill Cemetery.  I honestly didn't plan to buy anything unless something REALLY caught my eye considering I had just bought my Susan bag and a pair of Madewell jeans. I took a peak at their seller list beforehand and wasn't sure if there was anything that would really fit my "vibe". Obviously this frugal mentality was thrown out the door the minute I saw that amazing taxidermy butterfly on the moon background by Brain Fever Artwork & Taxidermy. I simply couldn't pass it up. I also scooped up this cute pin by KWT Designs featuring a lyric from In Sadding Around by Jawbreaker.

Last but not least this past week I spent one of my work days at Notre Dame of Maryland University. My supervisors nominated me for a year long cohort where I get to learn about my skills, gain new ones, and learn how to apply them to my professional and personal life all while getting to explore other Maryland campuses and meeting employees from a variety of institutions. My first session was last Thursday and we learned about our strengths mine are: Input, Positivity, Empathy, Developer and Woo. It was fun to learn more about myself and getting to meet new people! This weekend was a nice quiet one where I got to pop into the Book Thing of Baltimore and spend some time with my family. The pickings were slim but I found four more books to add to my "to read pile": Blue Angel by Francine Prose, Isaac's Storm by Erik Larson, On The Road by Jack Kerouac, and The Book of Laughter and Forgetting by Milan Kundera. I read The Dharma Bums by Kerouac in book club a long time ago and hated it! But I'm trying to give Kerouac another chance.


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