A Holiday Wishlist

12:00 PM

Is it just me or does it get harder and harder each year to find things to ask for for the Holidays? I've never been particularly good at receiving or asking for gifts so the Holidays always makes my anxiety flare up. I love giving gifts! But receiving has always made me feel rather uncomfortable, I'm trying! I'm getting better at it! As usual with my mom being the main gift buyer in the family it's rather hard explaining what I would like since my mom goes only to brick and mortar stores (mainly shopping malls or big box stores - a woman truly of the 80s and 90s) and never uses the internet. It definitely forces me to think in very vague terms (I like sweaters in the colors x, y, and z.) or hyper-specific (I like this exact pair of shoes from Target in a size 7 to accommodate socks).

That being said, as usual the list I share on here tends to be more of a "personal" list of things I'd like to nab for myself for the Holidays if I can score a deal or have some pocket change left after buying gifts for others.
  • I have this same bag in the sienna color and it is my favorite purse hands down. It may look small but it can hold quite a bit of stuff. Also the ability to wear it four different ways is like getting multiple bags for the price of one. When I saw them release this new sage color I knew I had to have it, thinking about buying it in the Saffiano leather....
  • Now that my hair is finally back to it's old self I've been desperately trying to make sure it stays healthy and happy. I've had the Gisou Hair Oil on my radar for a while but have been hesitant to splurge just to end up hating it. However I recently noticed they released a travel sized version for about half price so it might be a little luxury I indulge in.
  • I have been eyeing this beautiful pansy print dress from Madewell for what feels like eons. It's currently on sale and might make for a good "early Christmas present" so that I can wear it for Christmas dinner.
  • I honestly don't need any more shoes - probably should get rid of some - but I do need a warm pair of winter boots. I love these faux fur ones from Target. They look a bit Norwegian don't they?
  • I love me a good art print, and The National, how can I resit this minimalist lyric print? I'll have to print it and frame it myself but I feel it's worth the effort.
  • Don't get me wrong, I'm still a huge dainty Catbird rings fan, but I've been seeing this Croissant Dôme Ring from Mejuri all over the internet and I think I need it? I love that it's still rather simple but obviously a bit more of a statement than my hammered Catbird ring. 
  • As usual what would a Christmas wishlist be without a book? I came across this book one time when I was up in New York and it has been on my mind since. Would make a great addition to my "coffee table" book collection. 
And that's it! Just a few things I have my eye on as a gift from me to me. I hope you get everything on your list!


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