New Year, New Decade

10:11 AM


I can't believe how I completely placed this blog on the back burner. Time just feels like it's been moving so quickly and every time I think about putting pen to paper (metaphorically) I get distracted or something comes up and I tell myself oh I'll get to it eventually... when I never actually do. I have a lot coming up this year that hopefully I will make the time to share, because I love sharing! 

I do have a "travel" post I plan to post soon but first I wanted to do a little life update/round up, especially with it being not only the start of a new year but a whole new decade. More than ever does it feel like a real opportunity to start fresh. Last year was a hard year for me for a lot of reasons. I really had a devastating hit to my self esteem and confidence so I do want to try hard at shaking feelings of inadequacy. I picked up journaling again as a way to reflect and put my thoughts down in a place just for me. It was something I started doing last summer, but I was mainly using prompts and it left me feeling as if it was more of a chore. Something I HAD to do and keep up with it. I'm approaching journaling now as more so of something I write when I please, what I please. If a moment, quote, song, or something hits me deeply I have a place to write those feelings down. So far it's going well!

One thing I quickly wanted to share that I am so excited about is my friend Annie's newest venture, Homebody General Store. You may remember Annie of formerly Ann Margaret Ceramics however starting this Spring 2020 she will have her own little shop in Whitehall Mill. I went to her pop up over the holidays and easily wanted everything. I can't wait for a shop filled with little knick-knicks you can't find elsewhere.

Don't worry, I did pick up something from her. I wanted this shirt from The Bee and the Fox for ages and lucky for me Annie is stocking them (and others) at her shop! I was able to finally get my hands on it, while supporting her business. (Also if you have you eye on this shirt I recommend sizing up, I usually wear a small but I bought this in a medium as it runs a bit tiny.) 


This is more so a PSA for anyone looking into getting a Susan Alexandra bag. I got a lot of questions on Instagram  about what I can actually fit in mine and the answer is.... quite a lot actually! Everything on the left I can fit in my bag with room to spare. I'm a rather light "packer" when it comes to purses to begin with so I also can usually slip in a book as well. If you're on the fence about buying a Susan I say go for it! I get so many complements on mine and not only does it make me happy but other people as well!


Last but not least in 2020 I really want to make an effort to go thrifting again/more. This was something I did a lot in college but then got lazy about "the hunt" and found it easier to just buy things online instead of digging through racks. I want to try and buy more pre-loved items than constantly buying new things just to donate/get rid of them (really hoping to ditch fast fashion and be more fashion sustainable!). 

Can you believe I got all these things for under $25? I nabbed Chrissy's book for $5 (still don't have the first one... but I've wanted both since she announced them!), the ceramic dish on the left for $2 (can't wait to use it for lunches/snacks), the jar/candle for $2 (appears to be originally from Target), and all those tops on the right for $4 a piece. Being so successful my first time back out thrifting made me really eager to go back out again and hopeful for what I can find in the future. 

And that's it for now! Keep an eye out for a teeny travel guide to Bethlehem, PA coming up next time.

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