A * Dream * Wishlist

12:00 PM

I promised myself I wouldn't make any frivolous purchases for a few months, after spending probably the last 6 months of 2019 compulsively buying anything and everything thinking maybe this will "spark joy" and cure my depression. I'm trying to be better at using up what I have, figuring out new ways to use old things, becoming reacquainted with my local library, and looking into more long lasting items or experiences. That being said I threw together a "dream wishlist" of thing's I've had on my radar and where if I could in this minute buy all these things I would. Perhaps I'm using this as an exercise in self control, or maybe I'm just a sadist who loves torturing myself. Either way here are a few things that I have caught my eye!

  • I recently got my ears pierced and am excited to get some fun earrings to swap out the earrings I got pierced with. These from Mejuri are the top of my list! Dainty and dreamy, won't get in the way, but add a hit of shimmer.
  • I suppose 2020 is the year of painting my nails again. I fell out of favor of it a while back because finding cruelty free nail polish is a bit of a pain - at least locally - so I lost interest in that little luxury. However, the internet has a plethora of CF options I just need to cave and buy them. Right now I really like J. Hannah. I'm trying to be more conscious of what ingredients I use and J. Hannah polishes are non-toxic, 7-free, cruelty free, and just look at that gorgeous nude pink
  • I'm trying to steer away from "trendy" shoes and buy shoes that are not only practical but can be worn any day, anywhere, and I can hold on for a long while. I am a big fan of anything cognac color lately and these leather Birdies flats promise to be super comfy.
  • Since getting my first pair of Madewell jeans last year I am now a convert into jean wearing. I used to hate wearing jeans - too tight, too hard to shop for, doesn't fit right, stretches out after a few wears - Madewell solves all those problems for me. I love their Perfect Vintage Jean line. I have a similar pair in a medium blue wash but am eyeing a cooler black wash.
  • Will I ever get sick of Susan Alexandra? Probably not. It seems like each day I obsess over a different, new bag. However since the Sour Straw Bag was introduced it has been a constant on my must have list.
  •  Now that I'm a "plant mom" (a.k.a. I've some how have managed to keep three plants alive... fingers crossed) I feel like I need to invest in a watering can to make watering my plants a bit easier. I love this elegant looking one from Terrain!
  • Apparently these Hydroflasks are ~cool~ with VSCO Girls. I'm neither of those things but I am trying to stop using/buying single use plastic bottles and have been drinking a lot more water lately. I like that this has a wide opening which will make it easier to clean AND I can maybe put some stickers on it that I've been hording. Adding personality!  

I may cave and get the Hydroflask rather soon but that's an investment right?! It's not frivolous! We'll see what I end up breaking on first. 

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