Post-Social Distancing Wish List

11:59 AM

Another wish list?? I know, I know but with everything going on right now (working from home,  social distancing, staying healthy) aside from reading all I can mainly do is browse the internet. In an attempt to perk myself up a bit I've pulled together a small wish list of things I'm eyeing to nab once I'm free from isolation (or to buy during isolation in an effort to help friends/small businesses.)

  • My friend Brittany has introduced a lot of new teas since I got hooked on her Tropical Green Tea a few years ago. Given that her business mainly relies on people being able to go to shops or events now is no better time to stock up on some new (to me) flavors to try while working from home. I'll be ordering this one, Fireside Fig (pictured) as well as the Lavender Earl Grey, Evening Tisane, and Jasmine Pearl Green Tea
  • With spring rapidly approaching I've been thinking a lot about flowers, plants, and of course my beloved bees. My friend Meg owns this book and I knew I immediately needed it as well. I plan to order it through local Baltimore bookshop Greedy Reads to help support them while they are closed.
  • I can already feel my skin yelling at me due to stress. I imagine I'm going to need a lot of TLC to get it back to snuff. I've heard wonderful things about this mask so it's high up on my to buy ASAP list. 
  • I spotted this top (AND DRESS) on Kate Spires and decided right then and there that I desperately need it. Currently the dress is sold out in my size (though I did sign up for a notification if it returns) but there's also a skirt version that I'm eyeing as well! 
  • SO CLOSE to being able to take out my "starter earrings" to start playing around with other styles and I'm currently obsessed with these. So unique, fun, one of a kind! I must get my paws on them.  
  • Don't really need anymore art but how can I resist? Right now I'm torn between the print shown above by Janet Hill and this one also by her. Perhaps I'll just buy both.
  • Last but not least, I have not bought anything from Abercrombie and Fitch since high school, but these chic sandals showed up on my Facebook feed a while back and I cannot get my mind off of them. May need to start browsing through them again!

I'm sure as I'm stuck at home more things will pop up on my "to buy" list but I'm going to stick to these for now (unless that tax return decides to show up early....) Hope you're holding up well while in isolation, keep your chin up, stay productive, we're all in this together! Can't wait till we're all able to socialize again!

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