Etsy Favorites

12:00 PM

I posted something a few weeks back about a wishlist of things I was hoping to nab while social distancing and some were from local sellers but others were not. Today I want to highlight a few Etsy shops that I really love and the things that I have been eying from them. I'll be getting a small refund check from work for my parking permit (that I've obviously have not been using while working from home) so I would like to use that to support small businesses!

  • My favorite holiday is Halloween and I'm really, really hoping that social distancing ends in time for us to celebrate it. Naturally, I need this Halloween Is Cool mug by Autumn Rose at Matriarch Handmade. She also has a lot of other cute mugs, banners, and bags. 
  • I recently took out my starter earrings and replaced them with a pair of gold and gem studs. While I don't exactly have a reason to wear any "fancy" earrings when hanging around the house I do love these fun Georgia Peach Earrings by Tiffany Thompson at Luce and Luck Design. She hand makes her clay jewelry that are so delightful!
  • I know that this is technically a card, but I love framing little cards that have unique designs or happy prints. Being a bee lover this Honey Bee Card by A L'aise Stationary ticks all the boxes. I love the Japanese inspired design and it's minimalist look. 
  • Anne's Etsy: 1919 Vintage is one of my favorite curated vintage shops on Etsy. I'm always eyeing something on there (or using the photos as styling inspiration) but this entire outfit is calling my name: how dreamy is this soft peasant dot blouse paired with these clay denim trousers? Check out her shop for some serious vintage envy.
  • Speaking of vintage I've slowly been getting into 70s and 80s kitchen items or home decor. Lara Rossignol's Fresh Pie shop has the best little knick-knacks and home goods. How cute his this bunny canister? Would make a great storage for loose tea. 
  • I've fallen out of favor with bigger wallets and mainly carry my essentials with me. Not to mention most of my bags are too small for a huge wallet so I mainly use a card carrier. Problem is carrying cash or coins since I have nowhere to put it. This Dandelion coin purse from Palm Trees and Paradise has the cutest pattern and would be perfect for carrying my cards, cash, and coins.  There are so many other options on there and not just coin purses. There are key fobs, lanyards, pencil cases, make up bags, all in so many beautiful prints. 
  • Being a bookworm I obviously read Harry Potter as a child. And while a fan, I'm not a HUGE fan where I buy a ton of HP official merchandise (props to those of you who do!). However I've always identified as a Hufflepuff and love this very subtle nod to "my house" in beret form from 1138 Clothing.

Those are some of my favorite Etsy shops and finds! I hope that perhaps you'll find something here that inspires you - or it at least inspires you to go digging on Etsy!


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