Odds and Ends: March

2:39 PM

I'm sure I'm not alone in feeling sadness, fear, and confusion over everything that has been happening. What started as my office assuming we'd only be working from home for a few weeks has now turned to essentially indefinitely. I'm extremely lucky to have my job and still be able to do it while at home as I know many people that don't have that ability or have been as fortunate but it doesn't stop me from feeling exhausted and moody. I'm tired of being stuck in my home and not seeing my friends - which is such a silly reason to complain considering the bigger picture.

With being home about 90% of the time - the other 10% is when I nip to the grocery store or head to the nearby park for fresh air - I've had a lot of time to do things that I normally put off and mainly try to keep myself from becoming stir crazy. Here's a little round up.

New Things:

The painting in the top photo was found at Savers for $5 on my last night free of social distancing. My friend Meg and I grabbed dinner and then popped in to go thrifting where I couldn't pass up that beauty. I received Planting for Honeybees from Greedy Reads literally RIGHT when they announced they would no longer be mailing books, that bums me out immensely but luckily you can still buy from and support them through their Bookshop page. I also decided to just go ahead and by the Sour Straw bag from Susan Alexandra that I've been wanting for months. I was planning to wait until my tax return arrived but she's offering 20% off everything so it felt like a no brainer.

Random Things:

With all the time I have at home I recently deep cleaned by bathroom, which also meant finally organizing the bathroom cabinets that I had been avoiding pretty much since forever. I found this perfume by Tocca that I must have just put in there, was buried, and then forgotten. I'm nearly out of my normal go to perfume but instead of re-buying I'm going to use this up first. I've been attempting to use up what I have first before buying something new. Unfortunately this particular scent has been discontinued.

When the weather calls for it I've been taking some time to be outside in my backyard. I'm blessed to have outdoor space I can "hang out" in without coming in contact with people. I've also been putting aside some time to read through all the magazines I buy but forget about. Like the one pictured above! Bon Appetit's March issue was themed around tacos and Baltimore's own Cocina Luchadoras was featured!

Cozy Things:

Trying to do a bit more cooking from scratch while at home. It's my second time making this chickpea and tomato coconut curry soup. Really tasty and easy to make and can be made vegan by using a vegetable broth! I don't know about you but being stressed for three weeks straight has really done a number on my skin. I'm a big, big fan of Summer Fridays's Jet Lag Mask after finally caving to the hype and buying. It's worth it! I use it as an overnight mask and sometimes dab a thin layer on as a day moisturizer if my face is particularly dry. Lastly I mentioned in my last post about buying some teas from my friend Brittany's company Wight Tea Co. I've been drinking at least one cup each morning. The lavender earl grey has been my go to lately!

Next up on my "to do" list:
  • I plan to buy these slippers from small business Sunday Forever. I've been eyeing them for a while now and since I'll be poking around the house for who knows how long no better time to pull the trigger! 
  • Really going to spend more time reading! With working from home it's so easy for me to pop on Netflix or Hulu when eating lunch or after work instead of my normal routine of reading at lunch and before bed. I really want to tackle my massive to-read pile.
  • Start thinking positively about the future. It's hard for me to want to make plans since it's rather uncertain for when things will be back to normal again. I'd like to try and find SOMETHING to look forward to even if I'm not sure when.
  • Figure out a way to celebrate my mom's birthday from home. My mom's birthday is April 10th and unfortunately my plans to take her out to lunch and the museum are now bust. I want to try and plan something special for her now that we are all stuck at home. 
Hope you're staying safe and cozy during this weird time! 

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