Kith and Kin: noun (plural) friends & family, people you are connected with 
the Middle English noun kith meant "familiar country, place that one knows" and "kinsfolk, relations"
it comes from the Old English noun cȳth meaning "knowledge", "acquaintances, friends"

Welcome to The Kith and The Kin! A space on the web about friends and family, supporting local events, businesses, and creatives in the Baltimore area and beyond. Trying to make this big world feel and seem a little smaller. With posts about everything from events, fashion, lifestyle, to travel, it's one girl's attempt to prove that community will always trump competition and to emphasize the importance of creating those bonds. Whether it be grabbing a coffee at your local coffee shop over a Starbucks or supporting your friends by attending local events, here you'll find links and updates to products, places, and people I love and support in the hope that you'll love and support them too!

Looking for a way to contact? You can email me at natalieaja@gmail.com or find me on twitter or instagram!

(Also, bonus trivia, the blog name was partially inspired by one of my favorite Joanna Newsom songs, Cosmia, where Joanna sings: And all those lonely nights, down by the river, I was brought my bread and water by the kith and the kin... I highly recommend listening to it. xx)